A correctly made sundial should have its gnomon set at the angle of latitude of its location and the hours laid out accordingly. Sundials that are not made this way will not tell the time correctly.

The spot on sundial will tell the correct time during both summertime and winter time hours.

The sundial face is calibrated to five minute intervals and at noon, a 'line of light' appears - a unique feature of the spot on sundial.


When ordering your sundial you will be given the opportunity to add an engraved message, you will also be asked for the latitude of your location. We will then select an appropriate sundial plate and gnomon. We prefer to accommodate most messages but we recommend you limit the number of characters to a maximum of 50. 


Please note: A brass spot on sundial is usually posted within 1-2 days of ordering. If engraved, despatch time is 7-10 days. 

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spot on sundial
stainless steel sundials
10" s/steel sundial
we don't supply plinths with our sundials but for advice on style, shape and size please email or phone us on the number below.


Spot on sundials,  Unit 1D,  Rural workshops,  St Dennis.Cornwall   PL26 8DW    tel: 07432 284401   email: sales@spoton-sundials.com

14" spot on sundial

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