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The Spot - On Polar Sundial

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Product Description

The gnomon is made from two brass plates with a narrow air gap. At solar noon, when the sun is directly over head, a line of light shines through the air gap for a few minutes only. This enables the sundial to be set absolutely accurately to true north, knowing only the time of solar noon at your exact location.

This handsome modern sundial is made to our design out of solid brass, and weighs 5.25 kg. It is 31.5 cm. wide, 14 cm. overall depth, and 13 cm. overall height. (This is equivalent to 11½lb, and 12.4 inches wide by 5.5 inches depth by 5.1 inches overall height).

The fixings are concealed to avoid pilferage. The base plate  is first aligned to true North and screwed down to a suitable plinth; the sundial is then attached to the base plate using the recessed screws which fit in to the mounting blocks.

The gnomon (which casts the shadow) is the "oxhead" in the centre of the dial. At 6 am, the shadow from the top of the gnomon just skims the top of the left hand "ear". By 6.45 the shadow has traversed the ear, and arrived on the main dial plate. It slowly moves across the dial. At noon, the sun is directly overhead, and the shadow is immediately below the gnomon in the centre of the dial plate.

The polar dial is supplied with a base plate which adjusts the angle of the gnomon for different latitudes as shown in the table. 

The hour lines on polar dials are parallel with the gnomon; they are indicated with Roman numerals for winter time and Arabic numerals for summer time. At 6 a.m. winter time the shadow of the oxhead gnomon just skims the left hand "ear" of the sundial, and from just before 7, the shadow has reached the left hand end of the main dialplate. At noontime, the shadow is directly under the gnomon, and at 6 p.m. it arrives at the top of the right hand "ear"

Model Gnomon angle 
& base plate angle

Suitable for

Polar48 48° N (0°) 46° to 49° N (note A)
Polar50 50° N (2°) (sold out)
49° to 51° N
Polar52 52° N (4°) (sold out)
51° to 53° N
Polar54 54° N(6°) 53° to 55° N (note B)

Notes: A - Can be used south of 46° N with adjustments B - Can be used north of 56° with adjustments

Customized engraving make these sundials a very unusual and very personal present.

 The Spot-On Sundial can be personalized with an engraved message and is an ideal gift for any special occasion.

 Personalized engravings cost an additional £45, are limited to 60 characters and can be spread over 3 lines.

If you require engraving please type your inscription in the Engraving box above and also state the number of lines you would like in the Comments box.


Our Sundials are handicrafts and can be used indoors or out. Slight surface variations are expected as it is designed for outdoor use, where the line of light will show the sun time on the dial and exposure will change the appearance over time.



Other Details

Deliveries in the UK:
This product is available for shipment worldwide. Orders are normally shipped within 1-3 days, and engraved orders in 1-2 weeks. Orders for delivery within the UK are sent by courier or Royal Mail for £10.00, with next day delivery.
Deliveries outside the UK:
Orders for delivery outside the UK are sent by courier. Delivery to EU countries is £25.00. Delivery to USA and rest of the world is £45. Delivery time is 5-14 days for International orders.

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