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Bronze Sundials

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Looking for a bronze sundial? In the quest to find the perfect sundial a bronze or brass colour is usually the final choice as the durable metals weather naturally. While some sundials are made of aluminum and coated with a bronze colour, to get a natural aged look a solid bronze or brass dial is generally preferred. 

Solid bronze sundials will tend to develop a natural patina (a small amount of surface rust), which while attractive on many garden ornaments can make it more difficult to read the time. Generally an armillary sundial in bronze works well but a horizontal garden sundial may be preferred in brass.

Spot On Sundials are made of solid brass and weather to a dull brown, which is attractive outdoors and continues to be easily readable over the years. The sun dials come in original and large sizes and can be personalised with an inscription of your choice.

Custom Sundials

Custom sundials are a popular addition to the garden or as a gift commemorating an anniversary, retirement, birthday, wedding or other major life event.In customizing a Spot On Sundial, the gnomon (part of the sundial which points North and casts the shadow to read the time) is engraved with wording of your choice. Many inscriptions [...]

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Where Can I Buy a Sundial?

Sundials are a timeless object, placed as the centrepoint in gardens for centuries and the oldest timekeeper. In order to buy a sundial a good question to ask is where it will be installed and who is the recipient?Will the sundial be engraved with a personal message? Does the recipient appreciate accurate timekeeping?Spot On Sundials [...]

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