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Choosing the Correct Sundial

Horizontal sundials need to have the angle between the gnomon (which casts the shadow) and the dialplate appropriate to the latitude where they are to be used. If you do not know the latitude of your location, you can find it out from the links on our latitude page. The Original Spot-On Sundial is made in seven models, and the Large Spot On Sundials come in the London latitude.

If you prefer a map of Europe or of North America, please click on the link.


Latitude deg.

Suitable for use between latitudes:

A:Newcastle on Tyne

55° N

53.25 to 58° N


51° 30' N

49.75 to 53.25° N


48° N

45.5 to 49.75°N


43° N

40.5 to 45.5° N

E:San Francisco

37° 45N

36 to 40.5° N

F: Los Angeles

34° N

32 to 36° N

G: New Orleans

30° N

26 to 32° N

S: Cape Town

34° S

27 to 41° S (see notes below)


 The different models of sundials can also be adjusted at installation to compensate for latitudes outside the exact bounds above using the advanced setup instructions.

If you are looking for a sundial plinth, please see our plinth page for some of the manufacturers we work with.



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