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Where Can I Buy a Sundial?

Posted by Nate Burke on

Sundials are a timeless object, placed as the centrepoint in gardens for centuries and the oldest timekeeper. In order to buy a sundial a good question to ask is where it will be installed and who is the recipient?

Will the sundial be engraved with a personal message? Does the recipient appreciate accurate timekeeping?

Spot On Sundials are one of the greatest innovations in sundials in hundreds of years, in that they are scientifically accurate based on the location of the lattitude. With a modern design and Line of Light at solar noon passing through the gnomon, Spot On Sundials are a center piece of conversation for years to come, designed by the world reknown sundial maker Piers Nicholson.

Many look to buy a sundial for a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary, retirement, wedding, or gift. Others are looking for that special dial for the focal point of the favorite oasis - the garden.

In looking to buy a sundial, remember it is a object of rememberance, the future and enjoyment for many years, making this a rare and special purchase!