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Custom Sundials

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Custom sundials are a popular addition to the garden or as a gift commemorating an anniversary, retirement, birthday, wedding or other major life event.

In customizing a Spot On Sundial, the gnomon (part of the sundial which points North and casts the shadow to read the time) is engraved with wording of your choice. Many inscriptions include dates, names, and messages that convey meaning to the recipient as a timeless gift, as a sundial is known to be a symbol of the eternal nature of time.

One of the main features of the Spot On Sundial is that they come in seven different models, each is a custom sundial for a particular latitude. So the dials can be customized not only in the personalisation, but also for the location. See more on choosing the correct model.

Not only is a custom sun dial a unique gift, it is a centrepoint of conversation for years to come, and one of the few gifts where it is appropriate to inscribe the name of the giver!