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About Spot On Sundials


Spot On Sundials was founded by Piers Nicholson.

Designing sundials may have started as a hobby, but my vision was clear from the start; to solve one major issue: 

"Why are garden sundials so awful, and what on earth can be done to improve them?

Many sundials are designed to be nothing more than a garden ornament for people who are not really interested in whether it works! And although some designs may be aesthetically pleasing, their inability to tell the time correctly and accurately has taken sundials out of the spotlight. I came up with an idea of a split gnomon, which would remove the difficulties in setting up a horizontal sundial and could also be very accurate. The Spot-On Sundial was born; a scientifically accurate sundial displaying True Time that can be read to within a minute or two.

- Piers Nicholson

"My dealings with 'SUNDIAL' has been very satisfactory. I have received quick replies top my questions and received a great product. I am very pleased with the engraving and the the product itself, it is as promised." - satisfied customer

If you have any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Simply email or write to us using the information:

Write to us at: Unit 1D Rural Workshops, St Dennis, Cornwall, PL26 8DW, Cornwall

Email us at: